Handcrafted archtops


Even before I started to study luthiery I was interested in building archtops.

The studies allowed me to take a deep dive into the world of archtops
and the beautiful sound they can produce.

From my perspective, it’s the most versatile and beautiful sounding instrument in the guitar family,
On every project I put my whole soul into making that specific guitar as good as I possibly can.

I make all the woodwork by hand, with absolute love for the material.
I want to embrace the wood that has been cut down and bring as worthy life to it as I possibly can.

Even if I have my own taste and recommendations, everything on the project will be possible to customize to fit your needs and desires, from every wood piece and neck profile to the voicing of the guitar. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless.

Guitars and material

The wood I use in my guitars absorbs to the workshop's humidity conditions for at least 6 months, I keep it around 38% RH.

For my mahogany necks and bodies, I personally go to my local lumber yards
to hand pick out planks or boards that have as
little runouts and are as flat or quarter sawn as possible.

My builds features:

– Reversed Kerfed Linings to make the rims more stable
– Extra rim reinforcements
– Laminated necks for more stability
– Extra veneer on the back of the headstock to prevent it from cracking



A classic well balanced archtop with excellent playability.

This model has a 14 fret neck joint with possibility for two types of cutaways,


16” lowerbout.
A unique double cutaway archtop that gives you the best of two worlds.

16 or 17 fret neck joint which gives you perfect access all over the neck.


My take on the mother of all archtops, with modern playability.

This guitar has a 14 fret neck joint.


My take on the famous guitar launched in the golden era for jazz.

This guitar has a 14 fret neck joint.

How to order

Before I start a project I would like to initiate a dialogue.
This way I get the possibility to know you a bit better, as in your playing style,
in which circumstances the guitar is going to be played and what your expectations
are on the guitar and so forth.

From there we can initiate a discussion regarding model, materials and details like,
stiffness, voicing, pickups, tuners, tailpiece etc.