Before I start a project...

 I would like to initiate a dialogue. This way I get the possibility to know you a bit better, as in your playing style, in which circumstances the guitar is going to be played and what your expectations are on the guitar and so forth.

From there we can initiate a discussion regarding model, materials and details like, stiffness, voicing, pickups, tuners, tailpiece etc.

The goal is to make it perfect just for you

Since It’s a big project I want to get a clear picture of what you want before we start. I want to build you a guitar that you will keep for the rest of your life, the goal is to make it perfect just for you.

The best way is to come and visit me in my workshop in Södermalm, where we could discuss everything over a cup of coffee. If it’s not possible, don’t worry! You are very welcome to contact me via phone or email.

Before I start the building process I will need a 30% deposit of the full price of the guitar.
VAT, shipping and local taxes are not included in the price.

Initiate a dialog