Kim Olsson – About model G5 VCA

”I met Tim at GBG vintage guitar show in April 2022.

I tried all the guitars he had on display in his booth, and I was completely blown away by the craftmanship and playability in every single one of them.

Some weeks after, I reached out to discuss a custom project. It ended up being a variation of his 16-inch model, which I particularly liked.

It was very easy to discuss ideas with Tim, and he always gave a range of options in every step of the building process and always made sure that I had time to think about it before continuing with the build. He was also very good at communicating the status and time frame of the build.

Upon completion he gave me an instrument that surpassed my expectations. Although I’ve had a say in every part of the project it still looks like a classic which will stand the trends of time.

The acoustic sound is amazing. It’s beautiful. The craftmanship and attention to every little detail amazes me and the playability is something you must try for yourself to believe.

I would highly recommend trying his guitars at an exhibition or visit him in his workshop.”

Kim Olsson

My workshop

At the moment my workshop is located in Zinkensdamm, Stockholm, Sweden where I share a 250sqm space with four other luthiers. It’s a highly creative environment that keeps my knowledge and passion for guitars and guitar building growing.

Initiate a dialog

Before I start a project...

 I would like to initiate a dialogue. This way I get the possibility to know you a bit better, as in your playing style, in which circumstances the guitar is going to be played and what your expectations are on the guitar and so forth.

From there we can initiate a discussion regarding model, materials and details like, stiffness, voicing, pickups, tuners, tailpiece etc.